Gazprombank (Switzerland) does not provide asset management services directly — these services are offered through Gazprombank Group. See the link below.

Asset Management

One of the largest Russian asset management businesses, Gazprombank Asset Management group offers a wide range of asset management services to institutional and private investors, both domestic and international. In order to provide our clients with a full spectrum of asset management services we have established Gazprombank Asset Management group which includes Gazprombank, Management Company `Gazprombank - Asset management`, GPB-Asset Management S.A. (Luxembourg) and Omega Trust Umbrella Fund (registered in Ireland).

Gazprombank Asset Management group currently manages 20 investment funds: 4 sub-funds of the umbrella fund (incorporated under the laws of Ireland), 9 mutual funds and 2 closed-end funds for professional investors (run by Management Company `Gazprombank - Asset management`), 5 banking trust funds.