Cash Management

You want to optimize your company's cash management in Switzerland and know your precise current cash positions at Gazprombank Switzerland Ltd. and your third-party banks. A customized cash management and payment transactions solution allows you to do this. Gazprombank Switzerland Ltd. offers flexible and transparent total solutions to support your business activities in Switzerland and Europe, and throughout the world.

I. Cash overview:

You need to stay up-to-date on your account balances and transactions at all times. We offer a wide range of services designed to help keep you informed. You can choose from paper-based or electronic reporting, with various possibilities for accessing important account information online via e-banking. You will always have a comprehensive overview of your positions and see transaction details for bookings within one day.

1.1. Services for your accounts in Switzerland

  • Intraday and end of day reporting
  • E-documents

1.2. Services for your international accounts

  • Intraday and end of day reporting
  • E-documents

1.3. Assets

In addition to simple cash overviews, we also provide you with a complete summary of the assets you hold at Gazprombank Switzerland Ltd.

II. Cash movement:

You can transmit your individual and collective orders, standing orders and salary payments to us in a variety of formats using the e-banking.

III. Cash Investment:

You want to optimize the returns on your cash holdings in line with your liquidity planning. Gazprombank Switzerland Ltd. provides investment support that takes these liquidity requirements into account. We advise you on the appropriate investment forms and terms. Our specialists are available to provide you with advice and support.

  • Short-term investments
    • Current account
    • Short-term deposit
  • Mid-term investments
    • Business Savings Account
    • Rolling Fixed-Term Deposit Account
    • Fixed Term Deposit
    • Fiduciary Fixed Term Deposit
    • Structured products
  • Long-term investment
    • Time deposit accounts
    • Strategy funds

We offer clients individualized, flexible solutions for interest rate optimization (e.g. fictitious cash pooling and multicurrency interest optimizing).

In addition to the advantages offered by pooling (netting of debit and credit positions), we provide other attractive products to help you optimize interest on operating cash holdings across currencies and accounts. Our specialists are available to provide you with advice and support.

What are E-documents?

E-documents are identical in content to physical bank documents and are electronically signed. This means that they meet the prerequisites for a legally compliant archiving and represent a fully-fledged replacement for today's physical bank documents.

What are the advantages
of E-documents?

  • Documents are available more quickly than by physical mail
  • You decide which documents you receive
  • Possibility for process optimization and cost-cutting (e.g. elimination of postage costs)
  • Electronic signatures make paper documents fully replaceable
  • Prerequisites for a legally compliant electronic archiving are met
  • Environmental protection: paper is saved and less transport is required, thus helping to protect the environment