Risk Committee

In March 2018, the BoD decided to establish a Risk Committee. The function of the Risk Committee is to oversee and support the BoD in fulfilling its duty to supervise and set an appropriate risk management and control framework in the areas of:

  • risk policy and risk management framework, which includes also the Bank's capital and liquidity planning and reporting, monitoring the implementation of risk strategies and the compliance function;
  • supervision and control over the EMB and to ensure that there are both, an appropriate risk and control environment and an effective internal control system.

The executives are responsible for the preparation, presentation and integrity of the risk related topics. The Committee operates under the Terms of Reference of the Risk Committee.

The Risk Committee comprises of the following members of the Board:

  • Dr. Wolfram Kuoni, Chairperson of the Risk Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Christopher Barrett, Member of the Risk Committee;
  • Mr. Urs Kloeti, Member of the Risk Committee; and
  • Mr. Oleg Vaksman, Member of the Risk Committee and Chairman of the Board.