Risk Committee

The Risk Committee has been established by the Board of Directors of Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd (the "Bank"). The function of the Risk Committee is to oversee and support the Board in fulfilling its duty to supervise and set an appropriate risk management and control framework in the areas of:

The risk management of the Bank, including:

  • Establishing and monitoring an effective risk management function and managing overall risks);
  • Overviewing the Bank’s capital and liquidity planning;
  • Risk strategies;

Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the compliance function;

The supervision and control, including:

  • oversee the work of the EMB
  • ensure an appropriate risk and control environment ; and
  • an effective internal Control System (ICS).

The Risk Committee receives regular reports from the relevant office holders on the respective aspects of the bank’s risk management framework and compliance with it.

The Risk Committee is comprised of the following Board members:

  • Dr. Wolfram Kuoni, Chairperson of the Risk Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Urs Kloeti, Member of the Risk Committee; and
  • Mr. Oleg Vaksman, Member of the Risk Committee and Chairman of the Board.

The scope and responsibility of the Risk Committee are set out in its Terms of References, which have been approved by the Board.