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Our vision is to be the international corporate and investment bank of choice when looking for a partner in crypto banking products and services.

Our purpose is to bring trust among stakeholders of the crypto and Blockchain eco-system bringing the added value of supervised Swiss banking services.

Being part of the Gazprombank Group, we benefit from a strong expertise, healthy financials, and international presence in and beyond Europe, to lead the innovation in crypto and blockchain services.

Our Offering

Crypto Storage

Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd proposes the storage of BTC as part of a Swiss-quality banking offering. We do not only offer access to an innovative technology, but also add security and compliance linked to a fully regulated banking service
We provide corporate and institutional clients with bank accounts denominated in BTC, which allow our clients to transfer the risk of holding crypto assets to a Swiss bank.

We have partnered with Tier 1 participants of the Swiss crypto eco-system to develop a bespoke storage solution and provide the best security to our clients while still offering a convenient flexibility and accessibility to their crypto holdings.

Crypto Trading

Access to the liquidity is the second functionality of a bank account in BTC, offered by us. Our Bank guarantees the trade execution between fiat- and cryptocurrencies, on a best execution basis, via a network of Swiss regulated crypto brokers.

Trading via a bank secures the cleanliness of the coins received, which become part of the regulated environment.

Crypto Payments

Crypto payment is the third functionality of a bank account in BTC, which is under development at Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Banking Products to Crypto-related Clients


We are ready to consider the onboarding of crypto-related corporates and financial institutions, and deliver the full range of traditional banking products and services.

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