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The Financial Markets team works in close cooperation with various financial institutions, corporate clients, as well as central banks. Our sophisticated treasury solutions emphasize competitive pricing and tailor-made opportunities for your success on the financial market. Get in touch with us today to find out about what products fit your needs in order to generate profits tomorrow. Our services include:

Foreign Exchange

Being an active player on the interbank market, we provide FX execution services in all major currencies as well as RUB.

  • FX Spot Transactions
  • FX Forward/FX Swap Transactions
  • FX Options

Brokerage Services

We help you with high-level brokerage execution services in different asset classes. With our longstanding expertise in the best market practices, you can generate profits in the following fields:

  • Corporate Bonds and Shares traded on the Swiss Exchange as well as most international exchanges
  • Corporate Bonds traded OTC
  • Corporate Bonds and Shares traded at MICEX
  • Repo operations

Structured Products & Hedging Solutions

We provide access to Cross Asset Structured Products issued by international banks as well as the Gazprombank Group.  In addition, our tailor-made Hedging Solutions are designed for your specific needs in order to minimize financial market risks.

  • FX risks
  • Interest Rate risks
  • Commodities risks
  • Equity risks

Institutional Fixed Income & Equity Sales

Our Sales Desk Representatives offer coverage for various Gazprombank (Moscow) Investment Banking Products.

  • Two-Way markets in EM Credit Bonds local and hard currency
  • Two-Way markets in Russian Equities
  • Primary Market access for Fixed Income offerings in local and hard currency
  • Equity IPOs and Secondary Share placements
  • Macro Eco Research Access for Economies of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan
  • Credit, Equity, Commodity and Macroeconomic Research (MIFID II Research Contract)
  • Issuer Roadshows and Corporate Access

Custodian Services

To obtain a bank custody account, the client should first open a current account with the Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. We have a long and successful relationship with Clearstream Banking and Gazprombank Custody, which is one of the largest custodian banks in Russia.

  • We perform custodian services for different types of securities;
  • Income is deposited to clients’ accounts, and they automatically receive a statement of interest, dividends and payments;
  • Based on the client’s instructions, we will purchase/sell securities in capital increases, exercise options or convertible rights, handle dividends and perform similar services;
  • Upon request, we can procure for the client entry and voting tickets. We can also act as proxy at the annual meeting of shareholders;
  • The client can also request an account or custody account statement showing the account’s current value at any time.


You want to optimize the returns on your cash holdings in line with your liquidity planning. We provide investment support that takes these liquidity requirements into account. We advise you on the appropriate investment forms and terms. Our specialists are available to provide you with advice and support.

Short-term investments:

  • Current account
  • Short-term deposit

Mid-term investments:

  • Business Savings Account
  • Rolling Fixed-Term Deposit Account
  • Fixed Term Deposit
  • Fiduciary Fixed Term Deposit
  • Structured products