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Service of your Choice

Our Private Banking platform is established to adapt to your short-, medium- and long-term investment strategy. Our scope of products and services varies from transactional banking to investment solutions and is built on an execution-only basis.

Our Mission

We want to assist and accompany our clients to achieve their goals and secure the execution of their investment ideas. In an ever-evolving world of financial markets, we adapt our private banking solutions to our client’s needs and stay true to our main objective – to preserve and grow our client’s wealth.

Benefits of Opening an Account with us

  • Strategic location in one of the key global financial centers for private banking services
  • Highest level of investor protection due to compliance with both MIFID II (EU) and FIDLEG (CH)
  • Access to global financial markets
  • Competitive interest rates for short- and long-term deposits
  • High negative interest free thresholds for CHF and EUR
  • Expertise in global financial markets and in-depth understanding of Russia / CIS related business

Negative Interest Rates

We do not charge our clients negative interest rates up to following balances:

CHF1 Mio.
EUR1 Mio.
USDno negative interest rates charged on USD balances

Our Product Offering

Transactional Banking

  • Private / Holding Company Accounts in major currencies
  • Custody Accounts
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Credit Cards in cooperation with our Business Partner (Visa and Mastercard available)

  • Securities Repo Financing
  • Lombard Loans
  • Other personalized Solutions

Investment Banking*

  • FX transactions: Spot, Forward, Swap
  • Precious Metal transactions: Spot, Forward, Swap
  • Derivative instruments to hedge FX / Interest Rate / Precious Metals
  • Repo
  • Execution of Securities transactions and Structured Products (e.g. Capital Protection, Yield Enhancement, Participation, Leverage Products)
  • Cross-asset solutions
  • Maintenance of Investment Portfolio and Corporate Actions
  • Custodian Services

  • Term Deposits in CHF, EUR and USD (short- and long-term; no negative interest is charged on balances up to EUR 1 Mio.)

* Our Investment Banking services are currently offered on an execution-only basis